Calling all (full-member) psychophysiologists! Your wit and wisdom are needed!

In line with SPR's goal of promoting early career development, we are putting together a collection of advice, words of wisdom, experiences, and anecdotes for students, postdocs, recent graduates, and junior faculty. If you would like to contribute, it's simple! Just send an email to Rebecca Houston ( with any comments or questions.

We are hoping you will take a moment and submit a brief "nugget" of advice or wisdom, share an experience, or offer words of support for those going through the early career process. Your comments may be specific to a particular subject (e.g. job interviews, grantsmanship) or more general. They also can be directed to a specific group (e.g., students, postdocs, junior faculty), or to anyone in the field. Your words can be of a serious or humorous nature and can also remain anonymous if you would like. Some example areas to address might include tips on interviewing and giving job talks, putting together a C.V., grant writing, establishing a new lab, etc. Or you might provide answers to questions like:


1)  What do you wish you'd have known when you went on job interviews?
2)  What do you know now that you wish you'd known in graduate school?
3)  What are the most important things a new junior faculty can do in the
first years of a job?

A new addition to this year's SPR program is the Early Career Conversation Hour, an informal discussion focused on issues facing those relatively new in their careers as psychophysiology researchers. We are planning to collate all of your responses and distribute them at the conversation hour. We will also post them on the SPR student website.

Again, it would be much appreciated if you would be willing to contribute your words of wisdom to this project. Please send your comments, or any questions, to Rebecca Houston ( Be sure to specify if you'd like to be credited for your contribution or would prefer to offer the advice anonymously.

Thank you,

Rebecca J. Houston, Ph.D.
Co-Chair, SPR Postdoctoral "Student" Committee