Supporting the career development of our student members  -- our future leaders -- is extremely important to SPR. As part of this goal, we will honor the research accomplishments of up to 15 student poster presenters at our 2003 annual meeting in Chicago. Winners receive cash prizes ($300-500), society recognition, and the satisfaction of research success.                                                                        

Eligibility:  Please apply for the student poster award if:

        You are the first author on a poster submission

        You are a full-time graduate student at the time of submission

        You are a student member of SPR

          (or have submitted a membership application by May 1, 2003)

        You attend the conference in Chicago, IL.

Applying:  The procedure for applying for these awards is really simple:

       submit the normal poster application as described in the CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

       submit a very slightly LONGER, maximum 500-word abstract by SEPTEMBER 29, 2003,  of your poster submission. This submission can include 0-3 figures. Send the extended abstract and figures as an e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word format (if possible) to Margaret Bradley (  The deadline for the 500 word abstract is September 29, 2003 (i.e., one month before the actual meeting).  Each eligible student will have one poster considered for an award at the convention, so if you have multiple posters, just pick your favorite!  Students who received a poster award in 2002 will 'sit this one out' in 2003, giving others an opportunity.

Awards.  Winners are selected by a committee that considers the 500-word abstract and then visits the poster at the convention.  Criteria are the same as for all good scientific research -- a clear statement of the problem, appropriate methods and statistics, strong and reasoned links between data and conclusions.  Your personal understanding of the topic, and your ability to communicate the study to others are also important in deciding upon awards.  Awards will be presented at the annual SPR Saturday luncheon (business meeting), and we encourage you to attend this luncheon if you are a candidate for the SPR Student Poster Award.

Go for it!!   Our goal is to have all eligible students apply for this award.  IT'S EASY! To have your poster considered, just submit the normal poster application by its deadline, and an additional 500 word abstract by September 29, 2003.  It will add an important "Awards/Honors" line to your vita!  It's real money! Makes your mentors and university PROUD. The 2003 Student Awards Committee looks forward with enthusiasm to receiving your abstract and visiting your poster in Chicago.                                                                                                            


                                                            Margaret M. Bradley, Ph.D
Past-President, SPR

Please note that submission for a Student Poster Award does not substitute for the main conference submission, which should follow the Instructions for Abstract Submission which will be posted on the SPR Website soon!

2001 Tursky and poster award winners.

2002 Tursky and poster award winners.

2003 Tursky and poster award winners.